Support Policy Page

Since July 1, 2017, the adjusted "freight invoice for collection and payment" will be issued together with the handling fee invoice.

The money collected by the mall from the seller's sales of goods will be allocated to the shrimp wallet after deducting the "collection and payment freight" and "handling fee", and a unified invoice will be issued at the same time.

Mall shopping will notify the invoiced information through the following methods:

1. E-mail notification: the system will send an electronic invoice to your bound shrimp skin e-mail. The attached file of the letter needs to be opened in the Internet Explorer browser.

2. App / Web notification.

3. Please enter [invoice number], [member number], [home verification code], [invoice month] to query.

4. You can enter [Invoice No.] [invoice date] on the platform of the Ministry of Finance 48 hours after receiving the issuance notice. (Note: Please fill in the e-mail information to receive the invoice issuing notice.)

If the seller needs to issue a triplicate (company or enterprise) invoice, please go to the link of the customs and trade website to find the invoice and click "supplementary printing and unified editing", and send a new electronic invoice notice within 1-3 working days.

It is issued every two months, and the invoice change application of the previous period ends on the 5th of each month. For example, in March and April, the opening of supplementary printing and consolidation / cancellation of consolidation to 5 / 5; 5. In June, the application for supplementary printing and unified editing / cancellation of unified editing of invoices was submitted to July 5. If the seller has the problem of reconciliation of collection and transfer invoices, he can directly contact the account department's contact mailbox: