Return Policy Page

1. Appearance damage of goods:

Photos / films that can confirm damage to the goods (e.g. cracks, dents)

Photos / videos of internal and external packaging of commodity packages

2. Some functions of the commodity cannot be used:

Photos / videos of abnormal functions that cannot be used normally (e.g. placing batteries, connecting power supply, the electronic product still cannot be used, etc.)

3. Missing parts:

Photos / videos of received packages and commodity quantity can clearly show the shortage

Certificate of shipping documents in the package

The total weight actually measured on the weighing machine can also be provided

4. I received the wrong goods:

Photos / videos of received packages and actual goods

Screenshot of the goods purchased from the seller's store in the app

If the product size / weight is wrong, please use the measuring tool to measure the photos of the difference

5. Buying fake goods:

Photos / videos of received packages and actual goods

Photos of documents attached to package and commodity appearance

Screenshots of genuine products / official websites / other documents (e.g. product serial number, brand trademark, official website pictures, etc.)